After the beta 5 release, it felt like we needed one final piece of robot artwork to really wrap up the entire Firefox 3 saga…something suitably epic and triumphant. So, in honor of today’s announcement that we have an official release date, I present to you:


When I initially pitched the idea to Nobox, my concept was something like a triptych (quadtych?) that showed all the previous beta pages. Fortunately, they had the much better idea of combining the existing art with something new and even more grandiose, in the style of the classic Drew Struzan movie posters. From there, we ran with the movie poster concept, right down to the “Rated O for Open Source” tag at the bottom.

Big thanks to Jay, Hector and everyone at Nobox for all the creativity and expertise they’ve brought to this entire process. Finally, here are a few more random notes about the robot and what happens next:

* If you’re a fan of this art, we’ll soon be adding it to the Mozilla Store as a limited edition 18×24″ poster. More details on that to come…
* Our graphical design tricks were acquired from here
* For a behind-the-scenes look at the early stages of the poster, check out the initial concept sketch.
* Currently the URL points to the main Firefox download page, but I have a few ideas for turning it into a more participatory robot-related site. Stay tuned!
* Lastly, here’s a Flickr set of the entire series of Firefox 3 robot art.

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