Featuring Firefox 3 on Mozilla.com…Does This Look Right?

Alix and I are working on the Firefox 3 features content for the redesigned Mozilla.com and would like your input. Our goal is to increase the amount of description and detail (compared to the current site) to give interested parties a better picture of everything that Firefox offers. We plan on listing each feature along with a short description…see below for our list so far.

My question to you is, how does the list look to you? Did we overlook anything? Miscategorize your favorite new feature? Or maybe it’s all exactly perfect already? (wishful thinking, I know)

Take a look and add a comment with your thoughts if you have anything to add. As you read, please keep in mind that 1) this list (and the site in general) is geared more towards the mass audience rather than developers and 2) the wording isn’t final, so don’t worry if you see acronyms or phrases that won’t make sense outside the Mozilla community. Thanks in advance for your help!

Here’s our proposed features list as it currently stands:

Top New Features:
• Awesomebar
• Site identity tool (i.e., Larry)
• Improved performance
• One-click bookmarking
• Full zoom
• Password manager

Security & Privacy
• Anti-malware
• Anti-phishing
• Site identity tool
• Parental controls integration (Vista only)
• Anti-virus integration (Windows only)
• Plug-in version check and disabling
• Secure add-on updating
• Password manager
• Clear private data
• Site-specific security permissions
• Automated update
• Pop-up blocker

• Awesomebar
• One-click bookmarking
• Library
• Tags
• Smart folders

• Pause/resume downloads
• Smart keywords
• Spellcheck
• Session restore
• Live bookmarks
• RSS feed reader RSS preview
• Choice if you want to load images or not
• Platform native look & feel
• Full zoom

• Save on exit
• Reopen closed tab
• Drag & reorganize tabs
• Smooth scrolling

• Improved memory management
• Smaller memory footprint
• Faster page load
• Graphics engine improvements
• Faster Javascript?
• Better DHTML?

• Thousands of options at AMO
• Fully integrated add-ons manager
• Themes & personas
• Customize: toolbars, search, web protocol handlers, site-specific preferences

Universal Access
• 40+ languages
• Customized per locale (dictionary, search providers, live bookmarks & web feeds)
• Text rendering
• Accessibility

• Integrated web search (including adjustable search window)
• Choose from hundreds of search engines
• “Find in” page
• Search suggestions

• In product help
• Live chat

• Online application support [email, calendar, etc]…i.e. web-based protocol handlers
• Offline browsing
• Advanced graphic stuff – SVG, Canvas
• Color profile support
• Support for CSS, Acid 2, MathML, EcmaScript 4, APNG, Cross-Site XMLHttpRequest, Microformats

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